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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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first full-time female coach. this is local 12 news, live at 12. good evening, everybody. fresh off the snowfall, tri-state braces for another round of winter weather. >> erica collura is here with the latest information in the forecast. >> good evening, to you. we will see snoer snow storm hit the tri-state. there will be a huge difference between areas in the northwest and to the areas to the southeast. unfortunately, a lot of kids could probably get the whole school day in tomorrow. we're dry on satellite and radar. we have clouds moving from the west and southwest. and we'll continue to stay dry tonight. if you're worried about any snow this evening, don't be worried. we'll not see snow until later tomorrow for friday. here is our system. it doesn't look like snow because it is not. this will slowly evolve as it
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area of mixture of snow and rain around tennessee and kentucky. we will wind up with snow here at home. the totals will definitely southeast. here's what's going on now. we have the winter weather advisory from 4:00 friday afternoon to saturday morning. that's for clinton, hamilton, ohio and switzerland counties. a couple of counties there. once you get to the south and east of hamilton county, we're under a winter storm warning. what that means, we'll likely see some travel difficulties as we get into friday. and this is basically from friday into saturday morning. so this includes everybody shaded in pink and where you see the colors, that's exactly where we're going to see the highest snow totals. what we know now, big difference from northwest to southeast. we'll have major issues down to the southeast and minor issues to the northwest. we'll detail the timing and snowfall estimates coming in about 10 minutes. back to you. >> thank you.
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working to get ahead of the snowfall by getting drivers ready. >> and across the tri-state, work today on plans of the attack. on many who are working on the preemptive strike. >> the trucks are running and plows are ready to go in claremont county. they are getting ready for whatever snow may come our way. >> all over claremont county, curves, intersection are treated by brine. >> anything could happen. anything could happen. who knows. >> when it snows, you probably would like to stay home. most of us don't have that option. we met several people who still have to go to work. >> why are you concerned >> with roads and other people driving. >> justinna, will have to see whether she will have to go in. she will have to stay home. >> if we have meetings. >> does that concern you with the snow coming. >> it concerns the hills are
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>> claremont county is ready for the snow. teens will hit the streets tomorrow morning at 7:00. >> and it's pretty clear, everybody will keep an eye on the forecast, so they can figure out what they have to deal with in the morning. in batavia, angenette levy, local 12 news. >> people across the east coast is preparing for the winter places. they have declared a state of emergency. washington could see 15-20 inches. steven cheetah, how the nation's capitol is getting ready. >> the major storm heading to the nation's capitol, transportation agencies is scrambling to prepare. metro management, spent the day organizing the strategy to keep the underground rail system and buses rolling as long as possible. crews, equipment and materials are ready to go to work to try to keep the lines clear. if the snow gets above eight
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problems for the above ground rail lines and buses. at the airport, sidewalks are salted and runways are prepped to try to keep flights going as long as possible. >> we're calling in the snow teams, organizing them, holding conference calls with the airlines. in recent years, airlines precancelled flights. we're looking to hear what they are doing at that point. >> the airlines are especially crowded. lot of passengers are taken advantage of the airline's preoffer to reschedule flights. a lot of people tried to get out ahead of the snow storm. in washington, steven cheetah reporting. >> local 12 news has continuing coverage of the winter weather. tune to good morning, cincinnati for closures and delays, as well as latest road conditions. the technology, meteorologists are using to stay out of the storm. at 6:00, how many people are getting ready in one of the
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>> could cincinnati street car some day connect to northern kentucky. the city revealed the concept for a southern spur that will cross the river to newport and wound its way to covington. joe webb winds its way with potential route for details. >> it is, rob. the route, the plan that they once studied will go across the tailor southwest bridge by newport and levy, connecting two major river front developments on either side of the river much it's a concept. the northern kentucky street car committee is moving forward. they are going to washington next month looking for answers to the key question, money. for some reason, newport base northern kentucky street car committee presented the idea in the covington business council. they have been working on the project for a year and a half. >> thought, objective committee, to try to get a study from this. we can look in the street car,
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>> based on a 9-year-old study, they have come up with a preferred route. with the street car, turned second street, the spur, would shoot down the ramp next to great american ballpark. that's why the ramp is here. it would hit across the tailor south bridge in newport and head west, over the ovation project. >> we're looking at a lot of economic development, in the west side of newport. we're talking about a route that will take us through there. and go over the bridge to covington. >> since cincinnati backers are offering tips on what to do and what to avoid. get the tiger grants while the administration is still big on street cars. it will pay off. >> i think it's good for transportation. obviously, we hear $100 investment almost weekly. it's an economic development tool that works. >> it's really nothing new.
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kentucky views show a viable northern kentucky street car that shut down 65 years ago. with cincinnati getting on track in september, the committee thinks history south of the river could soon repeat itself. >> i think it's a good likelihood, when you look at the patterns across the country. once the street car has been established. extensions do come and extensions are usually successful. >> now the success or failure of cincinnati street car will ultimately decide if it expands into northern kentucky or for that matter, anywhere else. if there's problem, mechanical or political, you could bet, northern kentucky could slow down its plans as well. right now they are looking for 300 thousand to get together a good feasibility study so they can present to the transportation officials. >> it could happen, no one knows
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they are working with the transportation consultant in washington, d.c. the consultants set up meetings with the transportation department so things are moving forward. >> maybe yes, maybe know but definitely maybe >> for a long time. one of the greatest ambassadors that the cincinnati
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coming to the >> cincinnati zoo has to say good-bye to one of the most beloved residents. animal lovers are mourning the loss of a cheetah sahara. sara first came to our zoo when she was six weeks old. her fame to claim, the fastest cheetah in the world much during a filming of an agreo graphic special, she ran 5.5 meters. it's more than 3 seconds faster than the world's fastest man. and sarah's top speed was clocked at 61 miles an hour. as a cat ambassador, she visited hundreds of schools in the last
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awareness of the plight of her species. four men arrested in the killing of an 18-year-old is charged with murder. they indicted demarcus staly, willingham and rodney foster today. they face charges of robbery, burglary, kidnapping and tamp perking with evidence. the young man shot tyler in his westchester home last week. the young man died later at uc medical center. former reds pitcher, will not face criminal charges in an alleged domestic violence incident. that decision from a prosecutor in brower county florida. the 27-year-old is accused of firing eight gunshots in the garage of his miami area home during an october argument with his girlfriend. she also told police, he choked her and pushed her against the wall. chapman denies that. he was never arrested but the allegations put the reds planned
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. drunk drivers would have to wait 10 years for convictions to come off their records. it could potentially add to the repeat offensers. right now the previously drunk driver. the bill heads to the kentucky house for consideration. it sounds like something out
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new report says, it's very >> obama administration puts new
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for people suspected of working with the islamic state group to enter the united states. the new visa requirements affect travellers who are duo nationals of a european country, iran, iraq, sudan and syria. the rules have some exceptions for people who visited any of the four countries for business, government, humanitarian and journalistic reasons. a record number of airline passengers were caught last year trying to take guns by planes. most of the weapons were loaded. transportation community, found more than 100 thousand. it's an increase from the previous year, which is a record. loaded. and houston, george bush, denver . new report says, former
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after drinking poisonous tea back in 2006. >> decade ago on his death bed. alexander told his wife putin did it. a british judge said the former president likely did it. he fled to kremlin in 2000. they allegedly slipped poison into the teapot. then he became violently ill. test results, polaium two tenth. and window says she won't stop fighting for her husband. >> if you committed the crime. you will get the sentence. >> and the british government summoned the ambassador and threw the assets of the two suspects. and investigation found it was
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poison him after failing a month earlier. president obama landmark carbon rule for power plants survived the first legal test. federal court appeals decided to leave emission cuts in place, while it has lawsuits from state, critics that want to criminal the regulation. the decision is a major win for the obama administration, that made the rule a centerpiece from the president's pledge to fight climate change. >> those are erica collura. >> and it sounds like we have quite a few coming our way. >> we will see not a whole lot of issues. and you're going to have issues tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, saturday morning, probably have enough on the roads. right in the middle, we're looking at maybe 2-4 inches. we saw what two inches did the other day. we have to pay attention.
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prepared, especially as we look southeast to cincinnati. we'll talk about the totals in a second. look live outside, and we have high and mid-level clouds moving in. if you live in oxford. oxford, you're not looking at a whole lot of snow throughout the day tomorrow. we'll see more in the way of snow. a lot of it is a concern through tomorrow afternoon. i don't want you to worry about that. live precision doppler hd radar is dry right now. we stay dry throughout the evening. we get to thicker clouds later tonight. here's the area of low pressure, bringing severe pressure in louisiana. that will continue to rise and that changes into from rain to snow. we'll continue to watch it morph.
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troublesome forecast, we're looking at an array of snowfall totals. we're talking about tight gradients and what that means. we'll see big changes in snowfall totals in a short amount of space, short amount of area. down to kentucky, we can see a foot of snow in someplaces. that's not going to be in our area, but it will be to the south of us. next 48 hours, look like this. as you could see, not looking at any snow for the early morning commuters. by the time we get to 8:00, 9:00, we'll start to see a little bit of snow shower activity. even 7:00, 8:00, down to the areas. owington, dry ridge, to mazeville, starting to get into some snow. by noon, i have a chance in downtown cincinnati, a chance. i'm not saying bad roads. areas south of there, we'll continue to see snow at times, that could be heavy at times as
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especially in the evening hours. here's 3:00 p.m. we're looking at snow from cincinnati, south and east. areas near oxford, connorsville, may not be even seeing snow by the early afternoon. we'll continue to watch, kind of two different worlds between the northwest and southeast through the day tomorrow, especially as we get to friday evening. again, the darker shades of blue, indicate heavier snow. that will lower visibilities, cause a quick accumulation in the roads. 11:00 friday, we're looking at snow and that will continue into saturday morning for portions of brown, adams, highland, down to the southeast corridor area. most of us snow-free. a couple of lingering snow showers and flurries may link to the southeast corner of the viewing area. saturday, with -- the roads will likely be a mess all the
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higher show totals. here's the estimates. i doubt we see anything from connorsville to butler county. one to two in the light blue areas. through northern kentucky, portions of claremont, northern brown county, northern highland county and 4-6 as you look south of there. we may be seeing areas, that get more than six inches in south eastern adams county, robertson and mason county. that's where we will have the issues. temperatures in the mid to upper 20s. it's chilly, below normal. we'll be in the 20s this evening. 23 at 11:00. mostly cloudy skies, turning cloudy for tomorrow. better chances, late in the afternoon and evening. temperatures will be around 31 on saturday. mostly sunny but breezy. temperatures around 35. chance of rain with highs around
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we stay in the mid to upper, mid to upper 30s. closer to average. just be careful, especially if you live south and east. morning commute will be fine. evening commute, little sketchy. >> sounds like a fun day. breaking barriers. the nfl is no longer a boys club. >> turning your hobby in a
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hear fromm . >> uber and lyft will soon have
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general motors announce it will create an on demand service called mayben. it will launch in major cities in the year. they plan to have rental hub where drivers could rent gm cars. >> and the buffalo bills hired her as the special teams quality control coach. as elaine reports, that makes smith the first woman to be a full-time assistant coach in the nl >> historically, the nfl coaching rank has been one of the biggest boys clubs on the block. the buffalo bills are changing that. later, they announced they promoted kathleen smith to quality control coach, making her the first female full-time assistant coach in the nfl. the 30-year-old began her nfl career as an intern with the
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four years later, she was promoted and 2015, was named assistant to rex ryan. smith followed rex ryan to buffalo after she took a head coaching job last year. ryan said he consulted with head coach tim arrion whose team made history himself this past july. >> excited to have coach jen welter in the staff. >> they hired jen welter, first woman to hold a coaching position in the nfl. . >> couldn't dream. >> it could be a dream other girls growing up. >> a team spokesperson says she may talk to reporters about her new role sometime after the super bowl
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control coach, she's going to be responsible for gathering video and statistical analysis on upcoming opponents. predicting the storm. what a helium balloon could tell us about the winter weather we're about to get? >> and if two inches of snow brought our nation's capitol a
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the guests predictt . >> the tri-state is bracing for the second winter storm. some areas are hit harder than other areas. >> to give a head's up may be coming our way. erica collura with no wake weather. erica? >> we will see a lot of trouble for areas around cincinnati and southeast. we saw what a couple of inches could do in downtown the other day. it doesn't take that much snow to create some issues. tomorrow morning, it won't be a problem much the evening commute, not a problem at all. temperatures around 28 degrees. we're looking at 75 near tyler road. winds out of the east, northeast at 8 miles an hour. we're dry. we're quiet. we get some clouds tonight and that's it. i don't want you to worry about the snow this evening. if you have plans tonight,
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live precision doppler hd radar. we also have the area of low pressure down to the south and west. that is what is going to bring us the snow. i know it doesn't look like a winter theme right now. we have severe weather in portions of louisiana and mississippi. it will continue to go northeast and warp into snow as it moves into colder air. we have severe weather warnings. up to winter storm warnings. pink indicates winter storm warnings to most areas, from northern kenny and southern eastern corner viewing area. highland, brown and adams county in ohio. all of the kentucky counties, under a winter storm warning. the purple indicates a winter weather advisory. areas northwest of there, less snow than that. a lot of us will see major issues, especially south eastern corners of the viewing area. we will have minor issues to the northwest.
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there's going to be a big difference and a sharp gradient. you probably don't know what that is. that means it's a big change between snow totals, within a short amount of space. you could go 10-15 miles, if that and see a huge difference, between those two areas between point a and point b. we'll talk about the snow's timing and estimations through back to you. >> tri-state schools are facing a third snow day in a row tomorrow. school districts in three northern kentucky counties are using what they call noninstructional days when school would normally be called off. students in the mason, grant, are able to work from home. the district doesn't have to make up the days, which could be a big deal. mason county schools missed 20 days last year.
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the students in the phone and internet. . it took a small amount of snow to paralyze washington, d.c. >> craig boswell shows us how the regions is getting ready. >> hundreds of crashes in the d.c. metropolitan area made last night's commute made nearly impossible. backups late into the night. the cause, just an inch of snow that froze over. >> it is crazy out here. i know it seems like there's a little snow but it is really, really slick out here. >> it's a little better this morning, but not much. truck drivers who reached their shift limits had to pull over, blocking lanes of the highway. >> left fort bragg, carol, at 7:00. >> and president obama also gets stuck in the midst. motorcade skidded as he returned to the white house much last night's dusting is nothing, compared to what's ahead. a ij maker winter storm that
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the city in the next couple of days. the mayor of dc apologized for wednesday night's debacle and the city is ready for the next storm. 40 thousand tons of salt, 800 workers and about 500 plows. >> i lived in dc most of my life. i don't know if i lived through a forecast like this. it's an extremely large storm. it will last for 36 hours. >> much of the northeast is in the blizzard's crosshairs. storms surge is a big concern along the coastline. washington, d.c. and virginia have declared a state of emergency before the storm even arrived. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> and the airlines are allowing passengers to rebook for free. just to avoid the storms, aaa agents are working with customers, who have flight scheduled for tomorrow and saturday. they are trying to get them on earlier flights to avoid the storm. people in washington are stocking up in anticipation of the big storm.
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storms are picked bare. a lot of yogurt and meat is gone. customers had to wait if long lines just to make the purchases. and new york city also bracing for a big blanket of snow, a blizzard watch in effect as the city prepares for heavy snow and strong winds >> new yorkers should be ready for a big storm this weekend. they should make the precautions now. they should plan on staying home as much as possible on saturday and sunday. >> mayor says by staying home, new yorkers will give the sanitation crews a better roads. how smaller communities south of the ohio river are preparing for the brunts of the next winter storm. be sure to watch good morning. cincinnati beginning at 4:25 for the current closeings and delays. coming up at 5:30, she was riding her bike when she was hit by a bullet. >> see how police link a suspect
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>> may i help . >> man avoids trial by pleading guilty to the murder. deasia simms was killed in 2014. juwan hawkins was arrested, with aggravated murder to property. murder of a woman stunned. and a bullet was intended to her stepfather. she ended up losing an eye. >> and sources tell us that a suspect in the little girl's shooting is now in custody, on unrelated charges. in a story you will only see on local 12. debra dixon, how a new data base made the connection. they were going to ride their bikes that summer sunday.
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his church nearby and ran there. >> we were there with china and her family as they were waiting. it was just devastating. >> and the shooter had a target, an open fire with children right there >> in a case like china, where there's a shooter with intent to hurt someone else. she got caught in the cross fire. it's important to get anybody connected with at that kind of activity off the street. >> sources say the suspect in china's shooting is off the street. 24-year-old was arrested on unrelated charges on tuesday. cases. he was seen in hailing, and they spray paint. the court documents from a spring dale say, he told confronting officers he wanted today, wanted it to be shot. frost was linked to the china brew shooting through anybodyin.
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the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. it's a collection of images of shell caseings from crime scenes. and just like fingerprints, markings left on caseings of individual, to each firearm. federal agents are test firing confiscated weapons from cincinnati crime scenes an sending ballistic evidence to nibin in washington, d.c. it takes the pictures, stores it and compares it. that's what happened in this case. sources say frost was linked to a shooting in january. nipin matched shell caseings to the scene, to shell caseings collected here. after china was shot. there's one more thing. frost was seen here at the crime scene. frost has made himself easy to identify, with a face covered in tattoos. evidence in the shooting will go
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pastor tait believes when that happens, children will feel better about playing outside on a summer afternoon. debra dixon, local 12 news. >> and the agent in charge of cincinnati's atf office, says he doesn't want to talk about the case, until it goes to the grand jury. he has requested an nipin system for the hamilton county atf in washington. he's now considering it. how you could help mount st.
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the changes they are making to . >> pending snow, and the women's
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lauren hill. baskets held in the game. proceeds going to mount st. george. tip-off is at 7:00 p.m. some in milford are in a contest that could earn their school $10 thousand. students entered a video, by trees rock contest. >> trees are awesome and that's that. >> and 60 kids took part in the project, designed to stress the importance of trees. they will get money to put sustainable project like an outdoor classroom. you have until february 7th, if you would like to vote for the kid. we have a link of all the videos. click on the news tab and get it now link.
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heroin overdoses. ohio's attorney general holds an emergency meeting. nearly a thousand people met today in a church in columbus. the discussion range from the locks zone to battling addictions in jails. they are trying to administer the medication. >> the examples that we will see today, are many times what law enforcement is sort of stepped out of the normal role of arresting, prosecuting people and taking on a much more holistic point of view. >> attorney general says arresting addicts and putting them in jail is not the answer. they need treatment. dewian says it's hard to measure if any progress has been made in the fight of heroin. he's coming in second in the polls right now behind donald trump.
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meetings, talk about his accomplishments and goals in the country. >> i balanced budgets. we have running surpluses. i've cut taxes more than any governor in the country. we're up 385 thousand. i was the lead in balancing the federal budget. i'm for school choice, welfare reform, which was eminently involved. i was concerned as anybody in the race and my record proves it. >> if he does poorly in the new hampshire, he will get out of the race. >> firefighters were called to rescue both people and pets from icy waters. they warn, don't go in after a pet has fallen through the ice. call 911 instead. crews have been called in three separate rescues the past week
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we always heard each snowflake snowflake. and picture was taken by a photography professor in rochester new york >> and impending winter storm. want to show you how we make the predictions. >> some of the important pieces are weather balloons. scott dimmich, how it's critical in how much snow we'll get. >> the national wetter service, releases a balloon, package of equipment in the sky. in advance of the snow, national weather service, is releasing the weather balloons four times aday. all of the offices are scheduled to release balloons for the rest of the week, to sample the atmosphere around the developing storm. the meteorologists shows us how balloons worked this fall.
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and once the balloon is release, sensors, journey, 90 hours. and wind speed and wind direction at several levels of the atmosphere. it sends back data to the ground, where it's plotted and eventually shared to the world. computer forecast models will end the data to see how the atmosphere is changing above the ground subtle changes in the upper level flow, where and how much the snow falls. given the sharp cutoff, the weather authority, gladly take assistance from the packages in the breeze. meteorologist, scott dimmich from local 12 news. good evening, to you, we're looking at our next winter storm to arrive tomorrow. and cincinnati downtown, will have to wait until probably the
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right now, we're mostly cloudy. looking at downtown cincinnati, live in the weather camera. i want to be aware and be prepared for the snow. areas around brookville, liberty, will be just fine much as we move towards the northern kentucky areas and down towards areas, we'll probably see a lot of issues especially in the afternoon and hours tomorrow. right now, mid to upper 20s. make sure you bundle up if you go outside. we'll continue to see a dry forecast. this is the next system, bringing severe weather to portions of mississippi and louisiana. you could see the line of thunderstorms forming. that will continue to move northeast. we're not being loo -- not looking at any rain. as it enters into some colder air, it will change over to snow. we're looking at all snow for the day tomorrow.
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later in the day for us in downtown since that the -- cincinnati. we're cloudy overnight and through the day tomorrow. we'll continue to have a dry forecast through the evening. no worries about snow tonight. we're under the winter weather advisory, shaded in the purple color. that goes from 4:00 friday afternoon through saturday morning. the pink indicates a winter storm warning. this is eminent, where we're seeing travel difficulties. everything shaded in the pink number, winter storm warning from friday to saturday morning. here it is. we'll track it to you hour-by-hour. we're mostly dry. tomorrow, we'll wake up with no snow. i don't expect you to expect four to five inches of snow. kids, some of them will go to school all day. that's where we'll see the difference between the southeast and northwest. by 9:00, i expect to be tracking
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southern tier. from owington to dry ridge and over to mazeville. that will continue to work its way north. by noon, we have a slight chance to see some snow in downtown cincinnati. it's really not until probably the afternoon hours, where we start to see some legitimate snow showers in cincinnati. most of us, southeast of cincinnati, getting into some snow. the darker shade of blue, indicates heavier snow. we're not looking at only slick roads but heavy roads. and this is 3:00 p.m. we are still looking at ongoing snow. you could see how the southeast will see a lot worst conditions, compared to areas, in brooksville and oxford. at 5:00, i expect to see snow showers around the area.
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this line, all day long. saturday morning, light snow showers hanging around, peebles to mazeville. we'll see a drying trend and clearing trend. a little bit more sunshine in the afternoon. and we'll see a calmer weekend. barely anything in the north and west. 2-4, northern kentucky to central portions of claremont, northern brown and northern highland. 4:00 to 6:00 and south eastern adams county. tonight's forecast, temperatures around 24-23 degrees. tomorrow, start off snow-free in cincinnati. see a slight chance at noon, and highs near 29. the seven-day forecast, much calmer for saturday afternoon. we'll see more sunshine later in
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41 on monday, with chance of showers. turning into showers, and staying in the showers thursday >> and pay attention, thanks. saddle up. >> usually find them under the sea of the forces, will be galloping into the newport aquarium, when you could check it out. >> big bang theory airs at 8:00.
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catch mom at 9:00, . >> and on-line shopping continues to get more popular. technology is trying to improve. and pepper is one of the new
5:47 pm
national retail federation expo in new york. levi stores are adopting a system that allows customers to make requests from inside the fitting room. >> what i could do, choose the size that i want and request the item from the sales associate. >> so you don't is to get dressed and go back outside. you could expect many of the new techologist and stores in the u.s. by the end of the year. >> cincinnati-based macy's is opening branches inside the traditional locations. macy's back stage, designed to get bargain hunters inside the door. they are cutting nearly 5 thousand jobs closing 40 stores. we will discover what the traditional store is selling. coming up, stocking up and
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towns are expected to the worst. >> turning your hobby. and meet a man who did it. hear from an expert what you should do before you make the
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>> have to be your own advocate. you know going through cancer battle, way brad has. what's in your best interest and what you need to fight for. >> and we'll have more on that story in a bit. right now, we want to talk about the weather. people living in the path of the winter storm are getting ready for a big hit by mother nature.
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